England & Wales Baby Names

Baby name trends in England & Wales from 1996 to 2021

How to use: Type names in the box below, then explore the graph to see trends, annual rankings and numbers of babies born. Or see some naming trends.

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What is this?
The chart shows names chosen by parents in England & Wales each year from 1996 to 2021, based on Office for National Statistics data.
See the Guardian article for more information.
How should I use it?
Type names that interest you in the box on the left-hand side, then watch the graph change. Tap the graph to see year-on-year numbers and rankings.
I know a Gandalf who isn't listed here!
The ONS doesn't record names that are given to only one or two babies in a year (so no Gandalfs).
Can I search for names ending in A?
Yes, you can use regular expressions! Here are some examples:
  • All names beginning with A: search for a.*. The .* part stands for "any character".
  • All names ending in A: search for .*a$. The .* part stands for "any character" and the a$ means "ends with a".
  • All names beginning with Al and ending with x: search for Al.*x$. Again, the .* part stands for "any character" and the x$ means "ends with x".